Signup & Loan Application

Derbyshire Community Bank is the trading name for Erewash Credit Union. To be eligible to join the Credit Union, you need to be aged 18 or over; living or working in Derbyshire; or living with and a relative of someone living or working in Derbyshire.

Please note that this process is not a 'real time' transaction and that there will be a short delay between your submission and the application being processed within the credit union office.

We are unable to process your loan application unless it is completed IN FULL and ALL the criteria are met as detailed at Section 8. A loan will not be considered if your account is on reduced payments or in arrears unless full payments have been made for 3 months. We will advise you in due course whether your application has been successful or not. Please only telephone us if you have not received any response to your application within one weeks of submitting ALL the information that is requested of you.